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Cam Models

Contact: If you would like to be a Nitrilla Cam Model, please read this entire page, then if interested email me at along with a couple pictures, your age, and measurements.

Prerequisites: Before models can start to work, I need the following information: Profile picture (landscape preferred), age, height, measurements, cock size, cut/uncut, top 3 fetishes, days & times available, screen name, name to be put on check, and picture ID showing you are over 18.


Requirements: As a model, you will need a few things: web cam (I prefer Logitech), reasonably newer computer with at least 512 MB of RAM. Our software doesn't work with Macintosh…sorry. Preferably a DSL or faster connection. Born a boy but look like a girl. And, must be pre-op. I have plans to have post-op transsexuals on the site in the future, but for now I do apologize.

Payment: I pay my models hourly, so they never have a bad night. I will write a check to the models once per month.

Instructions: Download Windows Media Encoder and let me know when you got to this point. I will then send you the required password to access the system. If you need any assistance, feel free to send me an email. I will be glad to help you via email, instant message, or phone if necessarily.
Cam Show Models

Cam shows on Nitrilla are both fun and creative so if you have an hour or so a week to spare, give me a buzz :)